Denver, CO – Vintage Tudor Homes, built from 1940 on, for Sale

1987 Tudor Style Home

New 'Old' Tudor Style built in 1987

When I saw how many beautiful Tudor style homes had been built since 1940, I had to create another page for them. It is so amazing that this style has been so enduring and that Tudor homes are still being built! There are some exquisite properties in this 1940 to present group - Check them out!

Notice the Tudor Revival styling cues in the photo to the left. The home has half timbered over stone in the front elevation, peaked roof, complex roof line, large chimneys and the 'Tudor Arch,' or the four pole arch in front. As you can see in the listings below, there are many variations on construction materials in the Tudor style.

Remember, current home inventory is low, and if you don't see any homes or any you like, just go to one of the Menu headings and look for other properties there that may interest you....or contact us and we will do it and get answers for you! 🙂

  Available Tudor Home 'Treasures' built from 1940 on, for Sale

Map of Denver, CO - Vintage Tudor Homes, built from 1940 on, for Sale


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